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I also hate the fact that the person that ruined your life gets to live his life and have friends and acts like nothing happened. It bothers us all. BUT you've got a perfect and handsome boyfriend now and you're both successful AND you've got a teaching job IN LONDON. meanwhile... He works in Argos.


Preach it sista. I only noticed these messages by chance, they didn’t show up as new for some reason, I wasn’t ignoring you.

He’s a prick and I’m fine with it most of the time, I genuinely thought I was over it. But when I found out he’d been so close to me and my home it all came back and it turns out I’m not! I am mostly ok with it all now though, I only really get bad with him when I go home because I’m always fearful I might see him and I’m not sure what I’d do. The only bad thing is I always find myself trying to check up on where he is/what he’s doing. At least now I know he is still at Argos hah

You don't need to hate him. I hate him enough for the both of us. Beth please don't ever feel bad. You didn't ruin his life, he did it himself when he did the most horrific thing ever. I love you please don't let him bother you. He's not worth you being sad and feeling bad xxxxxxx

Wild tortoise in Turkey

Wild tortoise in Turkey


John Grant - It Doesn’t Matter to Him


JC Hates Faggots | John Grant


John Grant - “Glacier”

This pain, it is a glacier moving through you, carving out deep valleys and creating spectacular landscapes and nourishing the ground with precious minerals and other stuff…

So go ahead and love me while it’s still a crime,
And don’t forget you could be laughing
65 percent more of the time

I moved out of my lovely, lovely flat in Sheffield yesterday and I want to cry forever.The thought that someone else slept in my bed last night… no get off, it is miiiine :(

Thank God for books and music and things I can think about.

Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon


when people in front of me walk slow


might have to get twitter just so I can vent my football frustrations somewhere:

it was over the line, get over ittttttttttttttttt


Surround yourself with what you love. (at Studio123)


Surround yourself with what you love. (at Studio123)


Panic! at the Disco — Camisado