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Allons-y (Let's Go)

The world is great.

heh heh heh KNOB

I want to do what I feel like doing, and I want to be absolutely alone in some silent place.

Tove Jansson, Tales from Moominvalley (via hyperb0rean)

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This is really important

At school I have to have a weekly meeting with my mentor and because there’s another student teacher in my department we have our meeting together. I was asking my mentor if I could have the next day off as I had no lessons to teach and I needed to travel quite far for a funeral the day after.

The girl then said “Oh don’t talk to me about travelling! I have to go to Nottingham this weekend for a party!”

Don’t think I’ve ever wanted to slap someone so much, what a dope


Record Collector, Broomhill, Sheffield



I’m simultaneously really excited and really disgusted to be moving down south next year

(think of all the gigs London gets though, that will make it ok)

Pretending I’m back in 2006 and dancing around to this masterpiece

Pretending I’m back in 2006 and dancing around to this masterpiece


Tonight I saw the manics in manchester and they were really good actually! They did a lot more from the holy bible and their other early stuff (i.e. the best stuff) than I was expecting so yeah I really enjoyed it tbh

they’re performing the holy bible in full at glasto so they’re using these shows as a practice

(they were fab at Leeds)


The Antlers - Hospice
(Request by veleity)


The Antlers - Hospice

(Request by veleity)

The Antlers | Palace

man oh man, I have never been so busy in my entire life.

In other news, this summer I will be moving down south (potentially inner London, but more likely soewhere pants like Hemel Hempstead, Luton……..).

I am too northern for this, I do not know what I will do, ahhhhhhh

How is it that I manage to fuck up and fail at basically everything I do


Photo by Annabel Lee

I wish breakfast pizza was a* thing